3:34am and a young woman staggered up to my car staring blankly at her phone and nursing the remains of a cigarette with a deep-orange filter. "Are you the black Subaru?" she asked. 

"I am. Are you C?" 

She smiled. "Yes." 

 "Then I'm your guy."

"Can I smoke in your car?" C asked.

"Where are we going?" She swayed slightly and fumbled with her phone. "You don't know where we're going?" I laughed.

She found it and slid into the front seat. I lit a cigarette. Then another young lady, D, slid into the backseat. She introduced herself and asked, "should I start smoking, C?" and in unison C and I said, "no".

D liked my daughter's music and we played it at a reasonable volume. Her commentary on the song — if that's what you could call it — was extensive and by the time we arrived at their destination she was wearing my hat and taking selfies. C was glued to her phone but I suspect that was a red herring.

"Can we drop off C and you take me out?" D asked from the back (it's ok folks… I know my role). C said "get out of the car, D," and fell through the passenger side door.  

D: "Can you pick us up again tomorrow?" 

Me: "Sure," and I handed her my card.  

D: "Is this your card? It's so cool!".  

Me: "I'm really not that pretentious, I just get asked sometimes. And I had a coupon." 

D:  "We'll be here through Sunday, and bring another hat so we can take selfies together," and she climbed out onto the sidewalk. 

Me: "If I'm available I'd be happy to pick you up."  

The door slammed and D stumbled to the front door of [the destination]. 


I've given out a half dozen cards and received two phone numbers in the course of my 1838 rides. Not a peep from anyone, and that's okay. My guess is D, like the others, woke up this morning wolfing hotel eggs and hash browns and downing cheap hotel coffee, thinking, "who's this guy?"


UPDATE: Sunday, 3:34pm, 36 hours later

D just called me. 

 "Hi, is this Jim?"

"Yes it is." 

"I have your business card but I don't know who you are or what you do." 

"Who is this?" 


"Ah. I drove you home [etc]." 

"Okay." And she hung up.